What to expect when you become a LTB Bride

At LITTLE THING BORROWED every bridal Stylist Consultation is by appointment. We are
devoted to making your bridal accessory search as effortless as possible every step of the way.

You will have a faithful Stylist focused on sending you down the aisle in accessories
that exudes confidence + makes you feel unlike ever before. During your thirty minute
FREE Stylist Consultation appointment, we will guide you in finding styles that
make you feel your best. Your Stylist will recommend other styles within our collections
that you may have missed. When you find the one, we’ll handle the fine details.

We understand that, just like every love story, the journey to finding the perfect accessories
looks different for everyone. At LITTLE THINGS BORROWED we
want to ensure you feel comfortable. Brides, have no fear – we’ll make sure
your accessories are perfect by lovingly packing it up for shipment to you.

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