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We have posted our samples to help assist you with reserving your veil but there are some very important details you must consider first. We highly recommend ordering our free fabric bridal veil swatch set; this will enable you to see and feel the sample in person before reserving your veil rental online.

1. Ordering samples and compare in person.  

We highly recommend ordering an actual sample set so you can see and compare the samples in person. This will be the easiest and most sure way to get the closest color. We have done our very best to get you good photos of the colors of the various samples but those colors can appear different on your computer/mobile screen compared to what it looks like in person.

2. Compare your samples to your actual dress.

Do not compare the live samples to a photo of your wedding dress or your bridal dress color name. Photography styles can vary and often are not a true representation of the color of the dress due to photo lighting. Lighting can often wash out the color of the wedding dress and make it look lighter than it is in real life.

The same goes for the color name. Designers choose the names of the color of their gowns and get their fabrics from many different fabric manufactures. So one designer’s ivory is not necessarily the same as another designer’s ivory. For example, a dress with the color name of ‘Ivory’ can vary from a deep, rich yellowish tone to a vary light almost off white shade. Whites can vary between a true bright white to more of an off white shade. So samples are the best and most sure route to get the color you need.

3. Samples give you an idea of what the fabric will feel like.

This is a great way to see how the fabric feels and how it might flow. Bridal veils are often made with certain fabrics to help achieve a particular look so seeing the fabrics in person can help in finding the right look for your style and your dress.

4. Available Illusion Tulle Colors.

The bridal illusion tulle colors we carry are Ivory, Light Ivory, Silk White, White.

Little Things Borrowed Swatch Sample

5. Shipping Samples.

We ship our samples using first class mail so they typically take about 3-5 days for them to arrive. Make sure to plan for this when ordering samples before your veil as each of our veils are made to order. Lastly, if you are in a rush send us an email so we can help you choose the best sample or veil. We are always happy to help so please contact us with any other questions you may have.

What is Illusion Tulle?

Illusion tulle is extremely light weight and sheer. It is also the most economical option available. It has a bit more body so if this is what you are looking for the bridal illusion tulle is a great option for you.

It is always best to just order samples so you can best see and feel the fabrics in person. You can order samples here.

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