We will provide pre-paid return labels, return bag, and return instructions in the box in which your order is shipped to you.

There’s no need to iron or clean the item — we’ll take care of any reasonable wear and tear.

Make sure to have the item counted, packaged, and sent back using the enclosed pre-paid USPS return label.

If your return date falls on a Sunday or a holiday, it must be returned and postmarked on the first business day following your wedding.

The packaged can be delivered to the nearest USPS office.

The item is simply placed back in the box sent with your order.

Nope! We take care of all dry cleaning. You just receive it, wear it, enjoy it and send it back.

We understand that accidents happen. Normal wear and tear is covered for each bridal accessory. Treat it like you’re borrowing it from your best friend’s closet. In the rare event of significant damage, or if the item is not returned (imagine how upset your friend would be), you are subject to be charged for the full retail price, which is acknowledged in the rental agreement.

We need your help by returning your bridal accessory within three days. For a bridal accessory that is not postmarked on the first business day after the wedding, you are subject to a late charge fee of 5% the retail price for each additional day an accessory is not returned. This ensures that everyone has the same great experience that you did.

First, depending on where you are going and for how long - but this is not a problem.

Two, we recommend the 10 day rental for a destination wedding.

Three, the return process does not change. If you have any questions, please email us at

We provide one complimentary return per order. If you misplace the label, it is your responsibility to send the order back by the required due date at your own expense. The return address is Little Things Borrowed, Attn: Returns Department 1123 State Route 3N, Suite 118, Gambrills, MD 21054.

Cancellations of orders are allowed up until the day your item has shipped. If you are un-happy with the item once your receive it, please feel free to contact us at