3 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Veil

One of my absolute favorite bridal accessory is the wedding veil. If you found your dress and started the dress fitting process, the next step will be to add the finishing touches to complete your bridal look. A veil is a simple accessory. However, it has the power to completely transform an entire look. It’s simply pure magic!

Let’s take a peek at our top three tips to keep in mind when choosing your veil:


Tip 1 | Consider your wedding dress.

It’s best to find a dress first and then choose a veil that enhances your gown. For example, if you have a lace or beaded dress, look for a veil that compliments those elements. Remember, a veil should never take center stage or draw attention away from you and your dress. Try to choose a veil in a similar shade to your gown, but do not get too hung up on this detail. Your gown and veil will not be from the same designer, so the colors will not match perfectly. Keep in mind as long as the veil is in a similar shade it will blend in with your gown. You won’t believe how many shades of ivory and white are available. Need assistance in choosing a complementary veil color to go with your dress? Little Things Borrowed offers free fabric veil swatch for you to veil the various color shades and feel the texture at your fingertips. Send an email to request your veil fabric swatch.


Tip 2 | Take your venue into account.

If your ceremony is taking place in a large, elaborate church, you may want to consider a dramatic, long veil. Alternatively, if you’re getting married outdoors during a windy season, it’s best to opt for a veil that’s shorter in length. This will prevent the veil from blowing too much or even flying away.


Tip 3 | Keep your hairstyle in mind.

Most veils work well with down hairstyles. But if you’re planning on a more intricate hairstyle, choose a thin or sheer veil that won’t completely conceal your hair. Whether you’re doing your own hair or getting it done by a professional, it’s a good idea to practice placing and fastening your veil before the big day. Checkout Little Things Borrowed bridal accessories to rent your hairpieces.

Remember to find your dress first and then choose a veil that enhances your dress. Take in consideration the venue location and the season. Lastly, keep in mind your hairstyle. Hope these three tips were helpful for you in choosing your wedding veil.

Feel free to comment on this post or send our stylists an email so that we can help you find the perfect veil!



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