Need a Wedding Coordinator?

A Wedding Coordinator’s most basic duties are to plan, coordinate, and direct a wedding, but the services don’t stop there.  Wedding Coordinators also wear the hat of advisor, confidant, negotiator, stylist, designer and friend. A Coordinator should ease the stress and time commitment, as well handle tasks that you don’t have time or ability to handle.

Need Wedding Coordinator

It is her job to make sure that the detailed plans are carried out to the best of everyone’s abilities. She is also a liaison between difficult family members, vendors and friends and is prepared to handle unexpected situations and minor disasters and resolve them quickly.

Need Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators offer a variety of services.

A Full Service Coordinator will with you from the beginning (or at any point) of the planning to the last dance, offering advice and assistance with, defining a theme, selecting a venue, hiring vendors, attend tastings and fittings, and more!

A Month-of Coordinator comes in one to two months prior to your wedding, assist you with planning an itinerary, confirming details with vendors and reviewing the plans you have already made.  She will also direct your rehearsal, and direct the wedding day.

A Day-of-Coordinator will arrive on your wedding day and using your carefully laid plans, will implement and oversee the events of the day.  There are a host of services and packages a professional Coordinator can offer…just ask!

Need Wedding Coordinator

You will find that each Coordinator offers unique service packages and charges differently for those services.  Expect some to charge a flat fee, whiles others charge a percentage of the overall budget.  If you are researching Wedding Coordinators, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How do you charge?
    Ask for a specific list of services and fees charged. You do not want to receive a bill after the wedding for services you thought were included.
  • What budgets do you usually work with?  Can you work within my budget?
    High-end planners may have no problem planning a $200,000 wedding, but a $20,000 budget won’t go far in their world.
  • What is your experience?  Do you have any professional affiliations?
    Experience is the key to a calm and confident planner; however, there are less experienced planners who can absolutely do the job.


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