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Need help learning the different veil styles and lengths? We will help you with veil styles and lengths…

With so many different bridal veils styles and lengths, the task to find the perfect veil might seem a bit overwhelming. When brides-to-be visit our Maryland Showroom, we see on many occasions a look that says, where do I begin?  There is a plethora of veil styles and lengths to choose from.  Not to worry!  We have put together the ultimate wedding veil guide, which features the top veil styles.

Birdcage Veil

Birdcage Veil.  Also known as a cage veil, birdcage veils are typically a 9-inch piece of netting that drapes off the side of the head. Traditionally, a “birdcage” veil is a short net or tulle piece that covers only the bride’s eyes.  Now we see lots of twists on the traditional birdcage, with flowers and/or feathers attached to the veil, as well.  It can provide a unique, vintage look and also allows the lower half of your face to be free.  Partially or completely covering the face, this short veil is often made with French net.

Flyaway Veil

Flyaway Veil. A multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders mid-back, it’s considered less formal than other styles. If you’re wearing a dress with a heavily embellished back, this simple style is the perfect way to wear a veil without distracting from your gown.  A fly-away veil is another great option for vintage brides or for short wedding dresses.  Compared to birdcage veils, fly-away veils make a bigger statement and offer more volume.


Blusher. A short, single layer of veiling, the blusher is worn over the face before the ceremony, then either flipped over the head or removed afterwards.  If you’re after a traditional look, opt for an add-on blusher. A blusher is the veil that covers your face during the first part of the ceremony and is flipped back either by your father as he gives you away, or later by your beau before the oh-so-fabulous kiss-the-bride moment.  Adding a blusher brings drama and romanticism to any veil.  Be sure to choose one that falls at least an inch above or below the neckline of your wedding gown.

Pouf (aka “Bubble”) Veil

A gathered piece of tulle or netting that fastens to a comb to create height.  The Pouf veil can look gorgeous with the right gown!  It’s bold and beautiful.

Photo by Jana Marie Photography  Double Layer Soft Bubble Veil by The Yellow Peony

Elbow Veil

Elbow Veil.  This simple yet classically elegant elbow-length veil is a great option if you want to wear a veil, but do not want the weight or fuss of a long veil. This style is perfect for day weddings or more casual affairs.  It can be great for showcasing the skirt or train of your wedding dress.

Fingertip Veil

Fingertip Veil. This veil ends right at the ends of your hands when you have your arms down by your sides. It’s a perfect option for brides who are looking for an intermediate style veil.  It’s fancier than its shorter counterparts, but not as dramatic as the longer options.  A very popular length, particularly with ball gowns. We love the idea of pairing this style with a dramatic headpiece like a flower crown or tiara.  A single or multiple-layer veil reaching to the tips of the fingers.

Waltz (aka “Ballet”) Veil

Waltz length veil. A waltz veil is good for showing off the bodice of your dress and can help eliminate tripping fears!  This sweet and stylish option falls between your knees and ankles and allows the best of both worlds, with the ability to have some fun dancing the night away on the dance floor.

Chapel Veil

Chapel length veil.  The chapel length veil reaches to the floor and extends up to three feet past the hem of your gown. This length is a very romantic look, and is great for formal black tie weddings.  It is incredibly romantic and elegant. You’ll definitely feel like a princess! It’s often combined with a blusher and/or an elbow-length veil for two-or three-tiered loveliness (see below for details on blushers and tiers).

Cathedral Veil

The mother of all veils sometimes referred to as the “royal veil”.  As a vintage cathedral length veil bride myself, I am quite partial to this look.  Cathedral length veils are formal. They extend way beyond the hem of your gown for a dramatic entrance.  Sometimes referred to as the “royal veil,” this style sweeps the floor and falls three-and-a-half yards from the headpiece.  Cathedral length veils are most appropriate for formal church or large venue weddings. I would not recommend wearing them for outdoor weddings, as the wind might cause you some grief!


Drop Veil

The halo or drop veil is on trend right now and has a distinctly bohemian style. It can be placed at the crown of the head or just below. And do not worr too much about matching the color of your veil to wedding dress as long as the shades are close, they will blend nicely together.

Tip:  To really hightlight your veil, add a hair vine or elegant hairpiece.

Juliet Cap Veil

Juliet Cap Veils comes in a variety of lengths and have a vintage look that is tied to the 1920’s and 30s. This veil style is perfect for a chic bride with a nostalgic side.

Tip: Add something extra to your veil between ceremony and receiption.  Flowers, combs and pins are all fun ideas.

Mantilla Veil

Mantilla length veil. A mantilla (man-tea-ya) is long, Spanish-style circular piece of lace that frames the face. A bride should place a mantilla veil about two inches from her hairline so that the lace trimming frames the side of her face and drapes downward.  The mantilla is secured with a comb.  This is a gorgeous option to draw attention to a blushing bride’s glowing features.  A dramatic round veil typically edged in lace and which can come in many lengths.  Visit Little Things Borrowed to for Mantilla veils in Fingertip, Chapel and Cathedral lengths to rent.


Hope we were able to keep things simple, by providing you with the details and inspiration to complete your wedding day look with the perfect veil.  All of these exquisite veils are available for rent at Little Things Borrowed.  There are many more veil styles than those listed above, if you do not see what you envision, just ask us!

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